Monday, March 14, 2011

All I do is Read Patton Oswalt tweets...

...And it's sadly distracted my attention from this blog.  For those of you still here, in the coming weeks I'm going to be posting quite a bit more, my latest fashion shoots, the campaign I shot for Intel, some tutorials, some new band shoots, and details on my upcoming trip to the jungles of Peru and the deserts of Chile.

In the meantime I actually do update my Facebook Page, and you can follow me on Twitter.

First up though, here's some shots from Patton Oswalt's show at Helium in Portland.  Thanks to both of them for having me there.  It goes without saying that he was great.

I call this part Then People Started Sending Up Drinks

Mike Drucker opened for Patton and was really hilarious.  And yes, that is a Legend of Zelda jacket he's wearing.  Awesome.

It was a great nerdy night. Be sure to check them both out if they're performing near you.


Craig said...

Both these guys provided an excellent night of laughter. I expected that from P.O. Mike Drucker was a welcome surprise for those who never heard of him.

mike b - Attack Ships On Fire said...

That was an exceptional night of comedy!!! I also learned that when going to Helium you should always pay the $5 for 'reserved' seats. I was five feet away from Patton and enjoyed every second of th show!

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