Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The End is Extremely F__king Nigh

Looks like my main site (aetherdrinker.com) has been the victim of some little punks hacking, and has been blocked by Google.  This is probably a good thing.  I could go in and find and remove the malicious code, but at this point it just isn't worth the trouble.  Anyone who visited my old site saw that it was ambitious but rubbish.  Sleek, cool, and useless.  The site and my portfolio on it did not reflect my current level, and were not very professional.  As it was my first experience with a website, I have graciously forgiven myself.

Now my hand has been forced, and it's time to launch my pro site, Spencer S Watson Photography (dot com).  I might need to work on that name though.  So by all means avoid my old site, and tune in soon for my new one.  I'm very pleased with how my new portfolio is shaping up, and I'm excited to share it with everyone. 

So thank you anonymous douchebag hacker, you've helped me overcome my procrastination. 


sinder112 said...

Should we follow a new blog feed? Or continue using this one?

Spencer S. Watson said...

I'll be keeping this blog for now, so by all means keep following this feed. I might even update it once and awhile.
Now that I think of it I do have a new DIY HDSLR stabilizer to show, and possibly some cool news about my iPhone steadicam and a creativeLIVE workshop.

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