Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wig Splitters

Here's a real quick look at a shoot I did with Twigglet for Wig Splitters.  By the way, I noticed that some pics I post look a little soft/blurry.  This has something to do with the resizing Blogger is doing (I guess I should resize them myself), so just click on the image for a better view.


DMECKERT said...

i find that manually resizing to 1600px on the long side of an image and save for web at 80% or so greatly improves things on blogger. it won't resize photos to anything smaller than that by itself.

for preview images in entries, i always try to format them so the x-large size is bigger than i want, and then edit the image size properties manually in the html tab when posting the entry. blogger freaks out otherwise, it seems.


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