Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Camera That's With You

I may not have a top of the line Hasselblad with a Phase One back (I would accept donations though), but I do have some really very nice gear.  Then why is it that 95% of my pictures are shot with a cell phone?  The short answer is because it's always there.  But aside from the ease of cell phone cameras, and the increasing quality, I think there's something more to it.  My 5D Mark II is simply too good for capturing my everyday life.  There's just something about bad low quality pictures.  In many ways they seem to resonate more with that nostalgic part of the brain that swells with age.

I'm sure anyone whose into toy cameras knows what I'm talking about.  But even Holgas aren't as convenient as cell phones, which can fill that same niche of taking pictures just for the nerdy fun.  Hipstamatic on the iPhone takes great advantage of this.  It has not only replaced my desire to carry around $5000 worth of camera gear everywhere I go, but also snuffed the life out of that pompous geeky little voice in my head that still held out respect for anything analog.  Screw purity, fun is fun.


acjwatt said...

Nice shots - the thing I find is that, in addition to having a semi-decent camera on me at the time I want to take photos, if that camera is on an iPhone there are a wealth of cool apps out there that I can then make the photos look even better.

I like using TiltShiftGen - having tried a few - you look like you have used a few there, what are they?

Also - what was the camera you shot the iPhone 4 steadicam video with - it looks good.

Just been reading about steadicams with the intention of making one myself - check out this guys - he has bought a joint instead - looks pretty sweet.

Spencer S. Watson said...

Thanks, most of these are a combination of Hipstamatic (usually with Ina's 69 or Float film, and the Jimmy or Lucifer lens), and Photoshop mobile.

As for the camera for the tutorial video (obviously the demo was shot with the iPhone 4) I used a 5D MkII. It shoots awesome video, that whole vid was all straight out of camera, no color correction or anything.

And thanks for the link, I'd love to build something more high end like that for my DSLR rigs.

Damian Vines said...

Very cool shots and effects, I have not tried Hipstamatic yet. Have you tried Camera+ for the iPhone yet? Great app. said...

cool shots! you definitely have an eye for nice photos.

dracorubio said...

My exact thoughts on this. I've been looking into a little point and shoot next to my SLR gear, but found I already have the best P&S around, my iPhone

Juan Romero said...

I was eager to get into lomography and was ready to buy me a Diana, but then downloaded Hipstamatic and fell in love with it. I even like the "grain" of the iphone's 4 sensor.

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